• 02 September 2021


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    #PublicExpertise: ‘I am proud to be working together with Mexico against arms trafficking’

    'International cooperation is the basis for strengthening the fight against organised crime'

    'International cooperation is the basis for strengthening the fight against organised crime'

    Commander of the Civil Guard and specialist in the project financed by the European Union, EMPACT FIREARMS, Adriana Tostón is part of the #PublicExpertise  harnessed by FIIAPP. In addition, it is also participating in the European project EL PAcCTO in its policing area to tackle illegal arms trafficking.

    What is your history in cooperation?

    Since 2018 I have been participating together with FIIAPP, through “EL PAcCTO”, in the policing area to strengthen Mexico’s capacities in its response to the serious problem of illegalfirearms trafficking, which is having a devastating imparct on society with a high death toll from firearms. We have shared our experiences and challenges, strengthening our bonds and identifying cooperation needs in a society globalised in all senses. The integration of capacities of the different relevant actors at the national level is fundamental to improving the response at the international level, highlighting the great willingness of the different Mexican institutions to collaborate, each within their area of expertise, in improving the national and international capabilities of countries in the fight against illicit arms trafficking in a comprehensive manner.

    What does your job involve?

    My privileged position as the European police officer responsible for the multidisciplinary and comprehensive response to firearms trafficking, through EMPACT FIREARMS, has allowed me to offer broader cooperation where, in addition, we have created an informal network of firearms experts at regional level called ARCO (Arms and Cooperation).

    Through the network we are spreading a culture of cooperation and work dynamics where issues relating to threats are shared and solutions sought, including training activities.  One of these last training activities carried out has been related to the investigation of arms trafficking through the darkweb, aimed at identifying specialised threats and generating cyber-patrol capabilities.

    How would you rate the experience?

    It is a thrilling experience, since it allows us to deepen our mutual understanding, and through these exchanges, improve the fight against organised crime and, in this specific case, against illegal firearms trafficking.

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