• 01 July 2021


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    #PublicExpertise: strengthening the educational system in Algeria

    We interview Professor Antonio Bueno, coordinator of the twinning project in support of the higher education system in Algeria


    We interview Antonio Bueno, Professor of Translation and Interpreting at the University of Valladolid. He is currently the coordinator of the Twinning project with the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. A cooperation project managed by the FIIAPP and financed by the European Union  

     What has been the greatest achievement of your experience as an expatriate expert?   

    Feeling that I’m acting as a bridge between the European Union and Spain, as a Member State, and Algeria. Collaborating in the creation of a community of experts to transfer knowledge in the higher education and scientific research sector. Strengthening the ties between two academic systems, between two countries, between two peoples.  

     What are you most proud of?

    Of having put my experience, my languages and my work at the service of two States, one donor and the other recipient, both of which greatly benefited. Of having the opportunity to teach in a ministry, in a country, after having done it in the classroom and in the university auditorium.  

     How does your mission as an aid worker and at the same time a public worker contribute, or how has it contributed, to improving the lives of people and/or the planet?

    I carry out my mission in a teaching, research and high ministerial management environment, which aims to change the procedures to facilitate the creation of wealth and the training of new generations. I feel I have the responsibility to contribute to the well-being and equality of human beings, no matter where they live.  

     What is the main value of the public aspect for you?

    The common interest. The space in which everyone has rights (and also duties). The one that looks out for the interests of the community. The best known. The one that has no fenced-off territories and is altruistic. The one we’re all called upon to protect. 

    What have you learnt?

    The extreme affinity of human feelings, whatever the religion, language, political system or culture. The ability to put myself in the other person’s position. The value of communication. The value of other people’s opinions. That there are other worlds possible. 

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