• 05 August 2021


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    #PublicExpertise: strengthening ties between Prosecutors’ Offices

    We spoke with Rosa Ana Morán, Prosecutor of the International Cooperation Chamber about her experience in international cooperation projects, about the value of the public and the importance of cooperation between prosecutors.


    What has been the greatest achievement of your experience as an expatriate expert?

    I believe that the opportunity to strengthen ties of friendship and trust with other foreign and fellow prosecutors and feel that we have been useful in the processes of transformation and improvement of these counterpart institutions is very satisfactory. The trust that we establish with prosecutors from other countries through these processes of exchange of experiences also reinforces the global system for the fight against organised crime.   

    What are you most proud of?

    Being able to strengthen networks of specialist prosecutors and the true trust generated between professionals from different countries who work with the same objective. The networking of specialist Prosecutors is a success and has been recognised by all international organisations.  

    How has your assignment helped to improve the lives of people and the planet?

    I am confident that we have been able to achieve both improving the counterpart institutions and establishing links and common strategies to strengthen the mechanisms for the fight against organised crime and also to improve the treatment of victims.  Ending these criminal organisations or at least hindering their activity and growth improves peace and security. It is also possible to create fairer societies with the approach of the public ministries to the victims.    

    What is the main value of the public aspect for you?

    The general interest prevails in the public sphere and the institutions that work from the public to the public are based on objective values, for collective improvement purposes and on self-interested management seeking to share experiences without biases linked to particular and economic interests or with the objective of creating markets for the future. I am fully convinced that our experience as civil servants must be shared from the institutional level and that the private and interested use of knowledge, training and experience acquired in institutional work must be avoided.   

    What have you learned from this experience?

    To know other experiences and to be able to transfer them to my own institution to improve its operation.   


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