• 19 July 2013


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    Society demands faster answers. One example is Brazil

    Bruno Moro, Director of the MDG Trust Fund

    The 2013 Millennium Development Goals Report provides evidence that, despite the fact that various goals have already been reached, there is still much left to accomplish. Our work is not over and these days we find ourselves asking how the altercations in Brazil could affect the construction of the post-2015 agenda? We have to think about it – is something happening?

    Yes, we have to think about it.  Obviously, it is an example of a society that wants a more real, immediate impact in their lives. International organisations’ public policies and programs are sometimes very slow and people in the streets are getting tired of this. Perhaps we need to be more ambitious with the agenda and think about the fastest answer for the people.

    The economic crisis is also changing development policy. Is Governance the future of cooperation? Is it cheaper to share knowledge?

    Knowledge has a very important value. Sometimes it is not monetised, but there are companies that become rich solely based on knowledge.
    It is fundamental. Citizens have the right to not be poor, of course that does not mean that the State should be poor, but the State has to facilitate, and the way to facilitate is by providing adequate education, adequate healthcare, etc…

    What goals must be reinforced in the next few years?

    We have come a long way, the changes are very positive, but we cannot be totally satisfied. We have to be aware of the problem of climate change in the future, because it could cause millions of people to fall into poverty. The focus on gender issues is also very important. Women need to have their own space and children require attention because many of them die too soon after being born. These are topics that we must consider carefully.

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