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    Supporting entrepreneurship in Cuba through cooperation

    Orelvis Bormey, one of the businesspeople who took part in the 2nd Cuba-EU Expert Exchange programme, tells us about his experience and the support he received from the programme

    Orelvis Bormey, one of the businesspeople who took part in the 2nd Cuba-EU Expert Exchange programme, tells us about his experience and the support he received from the programme

    Why is it important for Cuba to strengthen its entrepreneurial capacities at this time?

    Reinforcing entrepreneurial capacities in Cuba now means adapting. The economic-social model envisaged by the country is constantly shifting, along with the measures adopted to make the new forms of economic management more flexible. This requires enterprise, which is the same as creating, revolutionising, adding, changing and transforming. This is more important now than ever before, because of the need for sovereignty and economic independence.  

    How has the 2nd Cuba-EU Expertise Exchange Programme helped you? 

    The 2nd Cuba-EU Expert Exchange Programme has allowed me to make a qualitative and quantitative leap forward. Sharing time, experiences and insights with the European teachers has given me a different perspective. It has allowed me to see situations and manage them with professional tools, rather than simply talking about problems or difficulties with decision-makers. The programme’s courses promote proactivity, constant responsibility for coordination, communication and process improvement as essential habits for managers.  

    What specific activities have you taken part in?

    • European Diploma in Management Teaching, graduated on 12 February 2016  
    • Continuity Conference, May 2016.  
    • Continuity Conference, January 2018.  
    • Continuity Conference, April 2019.  
    • Foreign Trade Trainer Training Course, May 2021. 

    What benefits has working with this programme had for your business?

    The programme continuously analyses case studies, practical training exercises that focus on the use of professional techniques and tools that have helped me manage our activities with flexibility, considering a multifactorial analysis for decision-making and always valuing its economic and social role for the stability and growth of the business.  

    Many situations have arisen, some expected, others much less so:  

    • There has been a shortage of essential raw materials, affecting production plans.  
    • Contracts have been terminated due to situations beyond the control of the parties.  
    • Increases in the prices of raw materials and inputs.  
    • Technology cannot be replaced due to import restrictions.  
    • Financial constraints on expanding production capacity or on guaranteeing the inventory levels required for a peak marketing period.  

    In general, we have always found a solution and I can assure you that the programme has had a significant impact. It has taught us how to manage scenarios when unforeseen events arise, what to do when there are limitations on implementing a programme of activities and ensuring that a system works effectively.  

    Is your product the first non-state product to be sold in Cuban airports? In your opinion, how important is this?

    Maní BORMEY was added to the products on offer at “Abel Santamaría” International Airport in Villa Clara and later it was made available in other airports due to the popularity of the products. Its presence there is significant because it allows travellers to identify and buy a Cuban product that is as deeply rooted in our culture as tobacco and rum. This is why it is very important to praise it, to honour it, to ensure that our processing and presentation distinguishes us as a product for different occasions.   

    Do you think this type of experience is important for the foreign expansion of companies and in attracting investment from abroad? If so, why?

    Training is essential for individual and national development, to see other cultures and business experiences that are summarised and analysed by experts and academics. Being professionally prepared for the foreign expansion of companies and investment from abroad means guaranteeing local and national development.  

    Do you plan to participate again in cooperation programmes such as the 2nd Cuba-EU Expert Exchange Programme?  

    I’m looking forward to taking part. The teamwork achieved in BORMEY allows everyone to continue to improve their professional skills and develop the manufacture of peanut-based products, providing new perspectives for research and innovation.   

    Would you recommend working with cooperation programmes such as the 2nd Cuba-EU Expert Exchange?

    Yes, especially as they make you realise that at any time and any place there are opportunities to develop and explore ideas and business. It is possible to look for tools, information, establish communication, computer systems and controls and even establish working links with multidisciplinary teams and satisfy tangible and intangible needs. 

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