• 27 May 2013


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    The FIIAPP trains its personnel in fire prevention

    Relatively minor fires are a frequent occurrence. We often hear and see news about fires, but we always think it won't happen to us. Many of thesefires could have been avoided with PREVENTION.

    Every day, we take the bus, the train, the metro, we drive our cars through tunnels that take us to our places of work, we visit hundreds of places which have certain safety standards in place and, in the majority of cases, we do not know what they are; in fact, we don’t even think about it.

    Sometimes, we don’t even check whether there’s a fire extinguisher in the building in which we live, which we enter and exit several times a day. I’m sure that many of you reading this will now be thinking “It’s true. Are there any fire extinguishers in my block of flats? And what about in the office, where are they? I’ve never checked.”

    A simple extinguisher is sufficient to put out a small fire, but we have to take into account that it lasts for around 60 seconds and therefore we have to know certain basic rules. On the extinguisher itself, there are instructions for use and the precautions to be taken but, can you imagine reading and trying to take in all that information when your kitchen or your computer is on fire?
    I bet many of you have never even thought about how to use an extinguisher…


    Charo Palomo. FIIAPP Communication

    With the collaboration of ASEPEYO, the FIIAPP has organised basic firefighting courses for its workers.

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