Promoting Community Policing in Lebanon

The Promoting Community Policing in Lebanon project, financed by the European Union and jointly managed by FIIAPP and Civipol, seeks to promote social cohesion by promoting a community policing that respects human rights and the rule of law in the country. 

One of the main aims of the project is to improve the application of the Internal Security Forces’ community policing model. Work is also being done to strengthen the Municipal Police to improve the service offered to local people and promote the independent supervision of the Internal Security Forces in cooperation with civil society. 

This project is part of the EU-Lebanon Partnership Agreement for the 2016-2020 period and is based on the Strategic Plan of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (2018-2022) to ensure a more responsive, professional police service that is more respectful of human rights. 

  • Project data

  • Countries


  • Sector

    Seguridad y Lucha contra el crimen organizado

  • Total budget


  • Financer

    Comisión Europea

  • Collaborating Spanish institution

    Ministerio del Interior (Policía Nacional)

  • Date

    Start - 04/01/2021
    End - 03/10/2024

  • Partners

    CIVIPOL (Francia)

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12/07/2021 Kick-off the Support for community policing in Lebanon project Lebanon’s community police support project has held the meeting of its first steering committee after concluding the start-up... Icono de flecha hacia la derecha
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23/09/2021 ‘The project aims to strengthen trust between Lebanese citizens and the Lebanese police’ We spoke to Joaquín Plasencia García, Chief Inspector of the Spanish Policía Nacional and Team Leader of the project funded by the European Union and entitled "Promoting community policing in Lebanon" Plasencia offers his vision on the... Icono de flecha hacia la derecha

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