• 17 August 2021


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    #PublicExpertise: the public sector indicates a society’s degree of development

    We spoke with Pedro Parra from the State Public Employment Service who has participated in FIIAPP cooperation projects in Honduras and Ecuador aimed at improving their employment policies. This is part of FIIAPP’s #PublicTalent programme, which is active in more than 100 countries.


    What has been the greatest achievement of your experience as a expert in cooperation projects?

    To be able to take part in information, orientation, analysis, job placement and training programmes. These are processes that complement each other, although it is difficult to integrate them within the same administrative body or programme.  Having taken part in projects with such positive results, I feel they have been the greatest achievement in my experience of cooperation between administrative bodies. 

    What are you most proud of?

    Having worked to create teams of public employees that remain in place once the action is completed. Creating working groups from different administrative bodies and countries is a satisfying experience, but seeing that these teams and work dynamics have lasted over time is what makes me feel most proud. 

    How has your assignment helped to improve the lives of people and the planet?

    The Ministries of Work and the Public Employment Services are organisations that develop and implement policies that directly affect people’s quality of life and work conditions. The analysis of employment information, territorial diagnoses and support for the creation of decent jobs all contribute to improving these policies as well as to inclusive and sustainable economic growth. 

    What is the main value of the public sector for you?

    The public sector is a collective effort shared by everyone that represents the services and aspirations of the community, as well as meeting people’s needs and guaranteeing fundamental rights. It means common values, equality, non-discrimination and having a meeting place. The public sector means the public services, in which public employees take part, with values of rigour, professionalism, neutrality, transparency and respect for diversity. I believe that the quality of the public sector in a country is related to its level of development. 

    What have you learned from this experience?

    Through my experience of working with the public administration in other countries, I have learned about the importance of exchanging and sharing work approaches and dynamics. Working in the public sphere is something that brings together the different administrations. Nevertheless, at the same time each has different needs and contexts, different routes and different resources and means. Through this experience I have learned that it is important to value both the shared aspects in the public sphere and, also, the diversity and particularities of each space and group. 

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